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We carry a wide selection of shocks, struts, lift kits, lowering kits, air suspension systems and more. Whether you want to go up, down or be able to control your ride height, we've got you covered with the parts and knowledge to do so. 

Leveling kits - From the factory many trucks and SUVs have a "raked" look to them meaning they sit higher in the rear than the front. This is simply due to the fact that many of the trucks are meant for towing so once a load is attached or filled in the bed, the truck then sits level. For those who do not tow or carry heavy loads but still want to have a level truck, a leveling kit is for you. We carry all major brands and can usually get them done in just a couple of hours, this is the most cost effective way to go.

Air suspension - Air suspension on all four corners of your car or truck provides ultimate control over the height of your vehicle. We use state of the art systems from Viair, Kelderman, AirLift and more. Whether you want an airbag system on existing coilovers or a full air system for your car or truck, HKP Customs in Bellevue, WA has you covered.

Lift Kits - Whether you want performance of additional clearance underneath your rig or simply for looks, we can provide you with many options from brands like BDS suspension, Skyjacker, ReadyLift and more.

Lowering Kits - Lowering your vehicle comes with many options like springs, coil-overs and even air.

Helper Bags - Helper bags can provide stability by increasing handing, improving braking as well as reducing wear and tear on your truck and best of all, a better ride quality. Helper bags will help level out your truck when towing heavy loads that generally cause your truck to sag or squat down.