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HKP Customs, Inc. was born after over a decade of success from HID Kit Pros, an automotive lighting company in Issaquah, Washington just outside of Seattle. HKP Customs provides a one stop solution for automotive and marine accessories inside and out. Our highly trained staff members will tailor to your ideas and choose the proper components and products known for quality and reliability. Today we serve over 100 dealerships and thousands of satisfied customers who return year after year with new vehicles because they trust that we will provide the care and customization we would want for our own vehicles.

Concierge style service provided with every build allowing visions and dreams to become reality. From product sales to installation service and technical support, each and every staff member can provide the same quality of service standards that we pride ourselves in.  Communication is key in this industry; we keep our customers apprised of the status of their vehicle and make sure we follow through with promises made.

Since 2008, we have built many one-off and custom vehicles from small to large and even corporate builds. Mobile and marine electronics and styling are unique to each individual and we want you to be able to take pride in what you own, let us show you how we can create, design and build your dreams.

The sky is the limit for customization, we have accounts with some of the largest companies in the world providing us with competitive pricing on cutting edge products in electronics, wheels & tires, bumpers, lighting and so much more.

Our facility is outfitted with intricate and state of the art equipment capable of building custom and one of a kind products for any application. Our philosophy is to educate our customers on what can be done, not what should be done. We do not want to sell you a certain product or install, we want you to know that we can provide such amenities and from there, let the customer choose how we can incorporate that in to their ideas.