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UnderCover is the manufacturer of a revolutionary ABS one-piece truck bed cover. Founded in 1999, they entered the truck bed cover market in 2001 with the "UnderCover Classic". This was the first true competitive alternative to the traditional fiberglass truck bed cover. The product's patented design and proprietary blend of plastic and polymers give this cover unparalleled strength and durability. Most UnderCover products are approximately half the weight of traditional one-piece covers, making them easy to remove while retaining structural strength. While the single piece unit was the first entry into the market, customers soon demanded more - they wanted a smooth finish, and a cover painted to match the OEM color of their truck. A multi-million dollar investment in engineering and paint technology resulted in the introduction of "LUX". State of the art paint process matches factory colors and the single locking point controls both hinges for security. The best part is that delivery time was significantly reduced from the usual six to eight weeks for custom made one-piece covers to less than half that for most colors. Rounding out the one-piece cover offering is Elite and Elite LX. Both of these covers feature a sportier profile, ergonomically friendly handle and are available in textured or paint to match options. UnderCover engineers delight in regularly redefining the expectations of truck bed cover consumers, and quickly answered demand for a hard tri-folding cover. The "FLEX" cover features a low profile, flush fit design and has the ability to lock securely in three different positions, providing up to full access to the bed without removing the cover. FLEX quickly became one of the best-selling covers in the industry - and the new ULTRA FLEX takes it a step further with additional standard features including interior lighting, carpeted underside and saddlebag storage box. UnderCover has also entered the accessories arena for trucks and Jeeps® with the SwingCase and Jeep Brow. All tooling and molds are fabricated in-house to ensure the best fit and finish. All UnderCover products are proudly made in the USA. In June of 2010 UnderCover, Inc. joined the Truck Hero, Inc. family of brands, a market leading company known for it's quality and breadth of product lines, engineering, and innovation.

Rebates & Offers

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Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100200 Quick Mount Leg Set of 2

Ridgelander Accessories Quick Mount Leg Set of 2..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100201 Vortex Bar Short 1550MM ..

Ridgelander Accessories VORTEX BAR SHORT 1550MM (only 1)-must order (2)..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100202 Vortex Bar Long 1753MM ..

Ridgelander Accessories VORTEX BAR LONG 1753MM (only 1)-Must order (2)..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100204 Sportz Ratchet Grab

Ridgelander Accessories Sportz Ratchet Grab..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100205 Light And Aerial Bracket

Ridgelander Accessories Light/Aerial Bracket..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100206 Eye Bolt

Ridgelander Accessories Eye Bolt..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100207 Cable Lock

Ridgelander Accessories Cable Lock..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100210 HiLift Jack Bracket

Ridgelander Accessories HiLift Jack Bracket..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100211 Shovel Holder

Ridgelander Accessories Shovel Holder..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100212 Combo Shovel/HiLift Brac..

Ridgelander Accessories Combo Shovel/HiLift Bracket..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100213 Eye Bolt Kit (includes 2..

Ridgelander Accessories Eye Bolt Kit (inlcudes 2 eye bolts)..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100214 Spare Tire Strap

Ridgelander Accessories Spare Tire Strap..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100215 X Tray Large

Ridgelander Accessories X Tray Large..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100216 Weatherproof Luggage Bag..

Ridgelander Accessories Weatherproof Luggage Bag Small(200Liters)..


Fitment: Universal

UnderCover 100217 Weatherproof Luggage Bag..

Ridgelander Accessories Weatherproof Luggage Bag Medium(350Liters)..


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